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2023 CAR-SGC Conference - PROGRAMS
"Seven Strong on a Fall Adventure"

All programs are available for any registered conference attendee, including programs that indicate "Tri-refresher credit available." As sessions reach capacity, they will be noted on the Registration page of this website

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Monday, October 23


Blow your own glass pumpkin ($30) or ornament ($25). Limited to 25 participants on Monday. (Tuesday is no longer available.) 

"Hands-on Glass" was originally founded in 1990. It was the first public access glass studio in Corning, offering instruction in glass-making for all ages and levels of experience. 

This class may be available outside of these scheduled sessions. Request information: (607) 962-3044 or

Website: Hands on Glass


Limited to 25 participants

A guided ghost hunt with three locations on the property: Benjamin Patterson Inn, a one-room schoolhouse relocated from Baton, N.Y. and the Demonstoy cabin relocated from Addison N. Y. Spirit hunting equipment will be provided (spirit box, SLS Camera, EMF detectors and more). You are welcome to bring your own, as well.


The ghost tour is a fun way to learn about history within the Benjamin Patterson Inn, also known as Jenning's Tavern. The tour takes you around the house, experiencing the paranormal of the people that once lived in that very home.


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Website: Awaken the Spirits Ghost Tour

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Tuesday, October 24


Ryan Donnelly, Curator and Educator 

Check out some of the bird residents of Tanglewood Nature Center when they visit the host hotel. You will see a great horned owl, a barred owl and a red-tailed hawk. Get up close and personal with these high-flying species and learn what makes birds special in the world of animals. Photo by Ryan Donnelly. Tri-Refresher Credit Available

Website: TanglewoodNatureCenter

Tuesday, October 24


Mary Brummer

Learn how leaf manipulation adds something unique to a floral design and helps your design stand out from competitors. Bend, braid and manipulate foliage for use in a flower arrangement. Manipulated leaves can be used to enhance a floral design to give it depth, a new innovative look, or a WOW factor for the visual impact it needs.


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Tuesday, October 24 -- Dinner and Book Signing


Brenda Moore, NGC President 

Brenda focuses on youth and leadership in her series of children's books for grades K-4. The Frightened Frog demonstrates environmental changes from a frog's point of view.The Saved Seed explains a seed's round-trip journey of being saved from one pumpkin to becoming next year's Jack O'Lantern. Network with Nature encourages children to put down their screens and play outdoors. Her latest book, The Green is Gone, was released in May of this year.

Tri-Refresher Credit Available

Wednesday, October 25 - LUNCH


Frances Thrash

Who doesn't love a fabulous floral design? Frances is president of the Richmond Designer's Guild and an NGC Flower Show School and Symposium instructor. As you will see, she is incredibly talented and creates a fun dialogue as she demonstrates several types of designs - including new ones that are published in the NGC Handbook.

Photo: Award winning design by Frances in 2017, American Daylily Society

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Wednesday, October 25  


Barbara Campbell

Barbara is a master gardener and retired teacher. She is an NGC Landscape Design instructor and a past president of FGCNYS. She is a longtime member of the NGC Board of Directors and is a Four-Star member. She has also served on the CAR-SGC Board in many positions.

Barbara's current NGC Board position is promoting Brenda Moore's NGC President's Native Plants project.

She will present two workshops during this Conference: "Urban & Suburban Landscape Design" and "Landscape Design for Wildlife and Native Plants." Tri-Refresher Credit Available for both Programs

Wednesday, October 25


Rochelle Smith

Enjoy and learn from this intriguing program that will follow dinner on Wednesday. This program is part of our NGC areas of interest.

Rochelle is a graduate of SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry, Syracuse, N.Y. with a Master of Landscape Architecture Degree. She is a NYS Certified Nursery and Landscape Professional (CNLP). She has an extensive teaching career as an Associate Professor at Finger Lakes Community College and at Niagara Community College, teaching many aspects of horticulture and landscape design. Tri-Refresher Credit Available

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