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Central Atlantic Region of State Garden Clubs
(CAR-SGC) offers several awards for member clubs, in addition to the awards presented by state garden clubs and National Garden Clubs, Inc.


CAR-SGC awards are intended to recognize excellence above the state level, achievements that do not fit into any NGC award criteria and those not large enough in scope to be considered on a national level.

CAR-SGC Award Winners

2022 AWARDS presented at the 2023 CAR-SGC Conference

2023 Awards will be presented at the 2024 CAR-SGC Conference. 

CAR-SGC Award Rules and Application (2023 - 2025)
Updated 7/23/2023

Any club or member affiliated with CAR-SGC may apply​ for an award from the region, even if that award category is not included in the options for your state awards. You may use the CAR-SGC Award Application to apply for an award from the region, but your application must be submitted to your state award chairman. Your application will not be considered for a region award unless it is submitted by your state award chairman to the CAR-SGC award chairman that is designated in the description for that award.

AWARDS RULES are available only in a password-protected area of this website because confidential contact information for award chairmen is available for each award.

PHOTO:  Blue Star Memorial, Crofton, MD., by Margaret Woda

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