Honor a CAR-SGC Member with Life Membership


Life Membership in CAR-SGC is an honorary title that may be awarded to a garden club member by local or state garden clubs to recognize an incoming or outgoing President, the chair of a successful fundraiser or committee, someone celebrating a milestone anniversary in your garden club, or any CAR-SGC member that you, your club or even a family member wishes to honor.*  

The Life Member receives a Certificate, recognition at the CAR-SGC conference, priority seating at one function during the conference and lifetime listing on the CAR-SGC Directory of Life Members. (See link below.)

A donation of $50 to the CAR-SGC Scholarship Fund must accompany the Life Membership Nomination Form. This fund supports college and graduate students in agriculture, botany, environmental concerns, forestry, horticulture, landscape design and other related fields while honoring the Life Member nominee. Information regarding scholarships is available in the EDUCATION section of this website. 

The CAR-SGC Scholarship Patronage Program also supports CAR-SGC scholarships through annual contributions by individuals.

* A CAR-SGC member may nominate himself or herself for Life Membership. 

Photo: Longwood Gardens (PA) © Margaret Woda