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There's no doubt about it... garden club members have a great time, whether we're learning about floral design, planting community gardens or planning a fundraiser to support our projects. Our experience before joining a garden club ranges from "none" to Master Gardener, but we share an interest in gardening, floral design, landscaping, horticulture, conservation, and community beautification - even though we may prioritize them differently. Each local garden club and state club have their own personality and focus, based on the interests, skills and past experiences of their members.

For information about joining a garden club, the best place to start would be the website of your state garden club. Links to the websites of all garden clubs in the Central Atlantic Region of State Garden Clubs (CAR-SGC) are located at the bottom of each page on this website.  

Photos: © Sylvia Hedibreder & Margaret Woda

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